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Get to know us

Business Edge International provides end-to-end, customized, branding solutions through creatively designed and executed promotional tools. The company has been helping a wide range of clients for over 20 years to create best-in-class promotional items to enhance brand image. Our Canadian operations started in 1998 and over the last 14 years we have worked with local and multinational companies in developing unique, customer-centric promotional premiums and programs.



To provide branding and promotional solutions that enhance clients’ competitive advantage.


Truly understand customer needs / business drivers and leverage over 20 years of expertise to deliver best-in-class brand-enhancement tools and services.

Company Philosophy

The key operating principle, which runs through our DNA and we incorporate in our approach towards every assignment we undertake, is that:

We are in the business of forming lasting relationships with clients

To successfully achieve this ‘mantra’ we:

  • Providing promotional solutions, not just products! Leverage our competency in truly understanding customer needs and executing against it – determine core target audience, insights that drive the target audience, positioning/managing/promotional executions that will resonate the best with the target audience.
  • Bringing the ball to our court! Provide unmatched service with the highest quality of concepts and promotional tools offered.
  • Pricing to build relationships! Deliver best-in-class promotional tools at competitive prices – we strongly believe in stretching the clients ‘dollar’ to deliver highest possible ROI.