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Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products

Why Promotional Products?

Promotional products hold the key to quantifying the performance of every marketing medium you use. In short, you can use them to keep all of your other advertising honest!

  • The most cost effective way to reach and motivate key decision makers
    Multiple studies have proven that promotional products are more effective when compared to other traditional forms of advertising such as print and television.
  • High frequency of exposure and reasonable cost per impression.
    This is $20 billion/yr industry and growing because promotional products result in voluntary repeated exposure, recognition and retention of the brand name and/or message, without resulting in any extra cost per exposure.
  • Provide great synergies when used with other advertising media.
    They can be adjusted to any advertising budget, effectively complements other media and can be focused towards selected audiences.

Promotional products, giveaways, premiums are the only tangible exchange with the consumer/customer, in addition to your actual product or service. We ensure that tangible exchange is meaningful, unique and adds significant value in terms of building a lasting & loyal relationship.

From the mass appeal to the truly unique and novel, these promotional products can help you:
  • Build brand equity, create awareness and improve brand name recognition
  • Build traffic and grow your business by attracting new customers/consumers
  • Reward existing customers/consumers
  • Recognize, inspire and motivate your team
  • Improve the visibility of your events
  • Get the highest possible ROI on marketing dollars spent